Each classroom is carpeted and has a wet area. The rooms are well lit, air conditioned and  have heating.  Every classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard, access to computers- new pods have recently been built to allow for greater access.  Classrooms have modern furniture and plenty of storage space. 

Resource Centre (Library & ICT Centre)

The hub of any school is the library and at Doncaster Gardens our state of the art Resource Centre has all the essentials to stimulate learning and provide students with up to the minute information. While classroom teachers take their class to the library to teach independent research skills, they also encourage children to borrow from a wide selection of books. 

The library's computerised catalogue system is online throughout the school, so students are able to locate material before they even enter the Resource Centre. The Resource Centre has thirty-eight internet points and a multi media centre. 

All classes have at least two sessions in the Resource Centre each week - one session focuses on computer skills while the second session is for developing library and research skills and book borrowing.

At lunchtime the library becomes the Chess Club venue. Students from Prep-6 take part in elective Chess Club.  Students join groups at their level of play. Many chess teams have competed in competitions at a regional, state and national level.

Art Room

The Art room is a double classroom. This facility has a kiln, wet areas, woodwork benches and large work areas. The art room is also used for Technology by the Year 5/6 students.

Multi Purpose Room

The Multi Purpose room is a large, open space used for assemblies and functions at the school. It is fully carpeted, heated, air conditioned and has television and video facilities. This area also has an adjoining kitchen. It is also used for choir, dance and performances.


The gym is used for indoor sporting activities, Perceptual Motor Skills (prep) Fundamental Motor Skills (Year 1). It is fully air conditioned. 

Mini Gym

The mini-gym is used predominantly by After School Care but can be used during school hours as an extra teaching space.

Conference Room

The conference room is used by staff, visitors and children as a meeting room and additional teaching space.

Work Spaces

There are many work areas where teachers can work with small groups of children. Most of these rooms have windows to classrooms so children can use these areas and still be supervised by teachers.

A work space for up to 16 students has been created.  This space has an Interactive Whiteboard. This area is used for maths and writing groups and also ESL.

First Aid Room

The first aid room is centrally located, near the offices and staffroom. Many teachers are trained in first aid and they are timetabled to provide constant care. 


Both playground areas, the sand pit and the table tennis area are protected with shade cloth.  Two playgrounds are available.  One is specifically for children in Prep-2 and the other is for the children in Years 3-6.  

The large grassed area is used for a variety of games including football, cricket, soccer and other games. The basketball, netball and bat tennis courts are popular play areas. A synthetic playing area provides a space for volleyball and other ball games. Children also enjoy playing table tennis on the two tables in an area dedicated to this activity.