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District Athletics

Last term 70 students from year 3-6 competed at the Doncaster District Athletics Carnival. The students earnt their place in the team through their performance at our school’s carnival early in the year. The team trained hard during the lead up to the event and were excited about the challenge ahead. The day started with the Field and 1500m events. We had a number of great performances throughout the morning with many of our students recording PB’S. The focus soon turned to the Track events with students competing in events such as 100m, 200m and Hurdles. There were some very close finishes during the track events with our students striving to achieve their personal best.

The competition concluded with the circular relay events. This was a real highlight for our school as we managed to win five out of the six races. The students in the relays combined great speed with excellent teamwork and it was a great way to finish the carnival.

The relay wins played a major part in the overall score. For the first time in 5 years, our school managed to win the District Championship, just finishing ahead of Donburn PS.

Congratulations to all members of our Athletics team. There were some outstanding individual and team performances and you all contributed to the overall success of the team. Thank you to all the parents who came down and supported the team. The roar from the crowd when the overall placings were announced was incredible. Good luck to the following students who have qualified to compete at the Division Carnival.


Jennifer L- 6B- 200m, 800m, 4 x 100m

Niamh L- 6A- 80m Hurdles

Irene J- 6D- 4 x 100m

Jamie Y- 6A- 4 x 100m

Georgia M-6B- 4 x 100m

Stephania T-5C- 80m Hurdles, 4 x 100m

Amelia N- 5C- 4 x 100m

Mary T- 5C- 4 x 100m

Katelin P- 6C- 4 x 100m

Samantha F- 5B- High Jump

Juliet E- 4A- Shot Put

Jake C- 4D- 800m, 1500m, 4 x 100m

Jeremy J- 6C- 80m Hurdles, Long Jump, 4 x 100m

Will M- 6A- High Jump

Ethan C-6A- Discus

George S- 6B- 4 x 100m

Kevin C-6A- 4 x 100m

Jack C-5A- 1500m

Brodie M- 5B- Shot Put, Discus, 4 x 100m

Sebastian K- 5C- 4 X 100m

Luke Q- 6B- 4 x 100m

Stamos K- 5C- 4 x 100m

Ethan W- 4D- 100m, 200m, 4 x 100m

Jonathan Y- 5B- Shot Put

Tien Ji C- 4A- 4 x 100m

Evan V- 3C- 4 x 100m

Leroy F- 4A- 4 x 100m